Friday, May 23, 2014

Catching Up Part 2: California and Disneyland!!!

Next on the catching up is: our trip to Oceanside, California and Disneyland! Oh my gosh awesome!!! I pretty much marked a few things off my bucket list with this trip. It was so amazing and so fun!

On May 2, the girls and I were dropped off at the airport so we could meet their dad there. They had no idea what was going on and were so confused as to why we were picking their dad up at the airport and not just going home so we can 'go to the Hampton's' for the weekend. When their dad came out he had them open up a couple of manila envelops. (P.S. I was videoing all this.) Goose opened her's up first and there was a picture of the beach and a beach house. That was clue number one to where we were going. Shi opened her's next and she had a picture of Disneyland and a picture of some family members who were coming with us. They were so excited! It was so amazing to watch the confusion go from their faces to pure excitement! Then we got on the plane and flew straight to LA. After landing we got the rented car and went to the girl's grandma's house to spend the night. Our bodies were so confused and mad at us because they were in NY time which was 3:00 a.m. and it was 12:00 a.m. in California.

May 3: Beach day number one. After waking up, we had some breakfast, relaxed a little bit, then got ready to go to the beautiful beach. We got to the beach house just a little early. The owners/cleaning ladies were just finishing up cleaning the house and making sure that it was ready for us. I just have to say that it was the most beautiful beach house I had ever seen. No joke. Three stories, one HUGE master bedroom and bathroom, two other bedrooms, nice kitchen, and more. It was just an amazing place to stay. Also, the beach was only a couple of blocks away. Maybe a little less. We were right next to the pier when we would go to the beach. The waves were so beautiful and big. I learned how to boogie-board! And if I do say so myself, I didn't do so good. After being at the beach for a few hours, we went back to the house so that the adults could go to a dinner and the kids (and myself because I provided the help and supervision the parents needed) to relax and basically get ready for bed. And that ends the day.

May 4: Sunday. We got up and got ready for church. We weren't going to do much since it was Sunday. After lunch I wound up taking a well needed nap. How long? Umm...two, three, maybe four hours? I have no idea. All I know is that I was sleeping and when I woke up, it was close to dinner time. I felt so much better after the nap. Yes, still a little sleepy, but I needed that rest. Before bed, Goose, Jenny, Melody, and myself played a round of Hand & Foot (or as some know it: Canasta). I won. =) Yay me! ;)

May 5: Beach day number 2. It was a little colder than Saturday was. It was still a great day. Goose stayed in the car for most of the time because she was freezing and she is kind of allergic to the cold. Yes, it's a thing. Her mother is also allergic to the cold. Anyway, I was able to improve on my boogie-boarding skills and I definitely got better at it.  It makes me really want to learn how to surf all the more. One day. Speaking of surfing, I was able to see a couple of very good looking surfers. Not this day, but I did see some. We went back to the house and we were going to go to a movie but decided instead to stay at the house and relax, play games, pretty much do whatever.

May 6: Last day at the beach. Bittersweet. It was a sunny but windy day. We boogie-boarded (Goose, Dillon, Charlie, and I) for a little bit while the waves were big and before Goose and I went and laid in the sun to get some tanning done. While Goose and I were sun bathing, Haley joined us! Haley is the girl's aunt. I went back to boogie-boarding because the waves were still pretty big and it was also the last day of beach and I wanted to take in every moment that I could. I did catch some nice waves, but I also missed some because there was a surfer out a little farther and I just wanted to see his face. I never got to see his face super clearly, but he was attractive. After I couldn't really see him anymore, I went back to practicing/having fun boogie-boarding. After we were done with the beach, we headed back to the house so that Jenny, Goose, Shi and I could go shopping. We got Shi and Goose shoes for Disney, and some clothes and snacks that we were in need of for the rest of the trip. Then we went to the house and got ready to go to dinner on the pier, at Ruby's. The only problem with dinner, was that the restaurant moved and made me motion sick. So motion sick that I could barely eat the food that I had ordered. That wasn't fun. But the sunset! Oh the sunset on the walk on the pier! It was amazing! (I'll just do a blog post of just pictures from this trip. Believe me, you will prefer it!) After going out of the restaurant, we went back to the house, got ready for bed and us girls played a few more rounds of Hand & Foot. I won every round except for the last one. Goose won that one and it was well deserved. =)

May 7: Disneyland day one! So excited! All packed up and ready to go (yet at the same time wishing we could stay at the house), we headed for the hotel so we could start our Disney day! Dropped our stuff off and now at Disneyland, we head to go get fast passes to Buzz Lightyear and Star Tours (we were going to get fast passes to Space Mountain, but it was closed for the moment). The very first ride that we went on was Buzz Lightyear. It was so fun! It's like lazer tag but you are in cars and can't jump right in front of the target that you want to hit so that makes it a little bit harder (but it's suppose to be that way so it's just fine). I'm not going to tell you about all the rides we went on. Just the ones that really have a story. The reason why I told you about  the first ride we went on was because it was my official first ride at Disney. Star Tours were so fun! And the really awesome thing about it, is that you never get the same scenario. It's different every time you go on! It was such a great ride! On Space Mountain, Goose and I sat next to each other. Now I would have never known this had she not said anything, but apparently there came one point I guess that she was laughing so hard that when we were leaning, she drooled on me. I didn't even know and when she told me I couldn't stop laughing! We also went on the Haunted Mansion ride and I would tell you what happened, but then it wouldn't be fun for when I go back. And I will go back one day. Either by working there or going on vacation or both.
We had a very successful first day of Disney. Goose and I were even able to take a couple of pictures with Sleeping Beauty's castle while it was lit up! It was a great way to end the first day of  Disneyland.

May 8: California Adventures. Since we spent day one in Disneyland, we decided to do California Adventures on day two. It was so fun! We did some of the 'little kid' rides first. While in A Bug's Life, we went on the ladybug ride and the Tuck and Roll bumper cars. Then it was on to Cars! We saw Lightning McQueen, Mater and Red! We rode on the tires (an awesome version of bumper cars). We weren't able to go onto Radiator Racers right while we were there because our fast passes weren't good until around 6:00 I believe, so after eating lunch, those of us who wanted to, used our fast passes to go on Tower of Terror! I thought I was going to die! I had no idea where my head was or if we were going up or down, I even thought that at one point we were going side to side. But I'll admit that I did like the ride. It was fun.
We then went to the Ferris Wheel. I love that Ferris Wheel. It is so much better than all the other ones because you don't get the choice to spin. But, you do get the choice to swing, and I advise you to take that choice! It was so much fun! Again, I'm not going to tell you all the rides we went on but I will show pictures. Now it was time to go on Radiator Racers. Goose, Dillon, Charlie, and I get in our car and we were off. Just driving along and then before we were to go get our tires ready for the race, the ride stops. We stopped for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Maybe I'm over exaggerating a bit, but I don't really know. I was too busy taking some pictures to really worry. The ride started up again and we were off to race!!! When we finished and got back to the place where we get on, the worker told us that if we wanted to ride again, to stay in the car. Alrighty then, we'll stay on. Luckily the second time it didn't stop on us. But that was pretty exciting that we were able to get another ride! On our was back to the shuttles, we were able to see Goofy! We took a couple of picture with him. Then it was time to go back to the hotel.

May 9: Last day of Disneyland and last full day in California. We decide to start in Disneyland and hit some rides we didn't get on the seventh. The first ride we went on was this jungle boat ride and it was such a great and funny ride! Just the most adorable jokes every! Of course then we went on Splash Mountain while waiting for our fast passes to Indiana Jones to be ready to use. I loved it! Both rides were so great! Although I wish I would have gotten more wet from Splash Mountain... Oh well. We did get to see one of the parades that Disney does and I was able to see my favorite princess! Belle!!! I just wish I would have been able to meet her...maybe one day I will get to be her. After the parade, some of us went to Downtown Disney so we could get some reminders of our trip. We were going to go to California Adventures and ride a couple other rides again, but we ran out of time. Which was okay because we were all getting tired, hungry, and ready to go. When we got back to the hotel, the girls, their dad, and some of their cousins went swimming and I just had some alone time. I would have gone swimming but I had had my fill of people. I truly had started to freak out for a little bit and needed just a little bit of me time. I was able to watch the Disney Firework Show from my window. It would have been amazing to watch from below the fireworks but I still got to see them. Then it was off to bed.

May 10: Time to go home. We ate breakfast, got all of our things and got ready to head to LAX. It was a bittersweet moment. I had really loved being in California, but I was more than ready to be home. The girls and I had a connection flight in Detroit. When we landed, we hurried to get to where our other plane was and then come to find out, we have a huge delay. The crew I guess wasn't there just yet (weird), so we able to relax and stretch before getting on the plane. 
It was so nice to get home. All three of us felt so much better. Bodies not super tired even though it was midnight. It was because our bodies were saying it was only nine... Let's just say that I love traveling, but the time changes are challenging...

Now you are all caught up on my travels. Nothing too exciting has happened since being home. Thanks for reading! Sorry if it's kinda long, but know that I didn't tell you everything because I can't remember, it'll be better with the pictures, or it wasn't as exciting as what I did tell. So stay tuned for pictures to come and for other adventures to come!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Catching Up Part 1: Washington DC

Washington DC April 25-27:

On the night of the twenty-fifth, we drove down to DC (about a four hour drive) and got to our hotel, then went to bed/ least I tried to sleep. Goose and I were in a different room than her dad, sister and uncle. Goose had slept in the car and I didn't. We got to the hotel a little after midnight. Goose wasn't tired and I was. I was so excited to go to sleep and get a good night's sleep so I could be awake to do the things we had planned for the following day. Goose apparently had other plans because she was not tired at the moment. I was just falling asleep and was almost all the way when all of a sudden my ear was freezing! Goose thought it would be funny to put an ice cube there. Finally I get mostly asleep again when I feel a poking in my arm and hand. As I was slightly waking up I found out that Goose had been poking me with her embroidery needle.  Thinking this is the end of the shenanigans I go to sleep. I am in a good sleep. My alarm starts to go off, so I wake up to turn it off. Come to find that it's only 2:00 in the morning and I had been asleep for half and hour to and hour. And there were other alarms that Goose had decided to put on there... Luckily I was awake enough to see those and turn them off. That was the true end of the craziness of the night and I was finally able to sleep for four to five hours that night.

The twenty-sixth, we woke up and went down to go swimming before having to get ready for the day and the boys would go get their stuff for the half marathon they were running on the twenty-seventh. We made signs for the race and made sure the racers had everything they needed for the race. After, we went to eat brunch with and were deciding what to do after that. Goose and I decided to go sightseeing after we charged our phones and her camera. We rented a couple of bikes and rode around. We saw the National Monument, the White House, and some really cute and awesome buildings (I will show pictures don't worry). We had to get back to the hotel by 5:30/6:00 so that Goose could be ready to go to a work dinner with her dad, uncle and sister. While they were at dinner, I went shopping and relaxed. Then us girls went for a night swim. We had the pool to ourselves for the most part. We played a few games like Marco Polo, What Time is it Mrs. Dolphin, Shark Attack, and had some races. It was so fun! Then it was bedtime. And guess what? I got a mostly good night's sleep (again). The girls were asleep when I came out of the bathroom after taking a shower. Goose was taking up basically the entire bed, Shi was on my side so I decided to sleep at the end of the bed. I kept waking up just to make sure I wasn't going to fall off the bed.

Morning came sooner than I had wanted but I started to get ready for the day while the girls slept so that I could help them get ready when they did wake up. Today was the day of the Nike Women's Half Marathon and the guys were getting closer to being at the finish line. The girls and I were ready and waiting for them to watch them cross the finish line. They did so great! While the guys went to cool down, the girls and I waited for a couple of the girls that we knew to finish the race. Once everyone was finished, we took a few group photos, and headed back to the hotel to relax and get ready to checkout so we could go home. We went to breakfast/brunch/lunch at Lincoln's Waffle Shop. It was pretty good. After that we were heading to the Lincoln Memorial but wound up not going because we needed gas for the car and we wanted to get home. So we drove home, some of us took a couple of naps. We dropped the girl's off at their mom's and then the guys and I headed to the city for home.

Here are some pictures of our trip:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!! I hope that you've all had a wonderful day today! So I'm just going to tell you all that happened this week. This week the girls had school off and so they spent it with us here in the city. What fun it was!
Monday we went to the craft store and painted some crafts. After that we went to Central Park and played at the girls' favorite park. Then we went home, relaxed and had some dinner. Not a too stressful day.
Tuesday we went to Coney Island to the Aquarium. On the drive there, it poured rain. It was kind of scary to drive in but we made it. The rain went to a drizzle and stayed that way the rest of the day. While at the aquarium we saw some pretty cool fish. We also saw some walruses, sea lions, otters, and turtles. We couldn't go see the sharks because I guess that exhibit was closed. We decided that we need to plan another day to go there. Preferably one that is a sunny day. :)
Wednesday we went to the Bronx Zoo. That was a fun adventure. We weren't able to see all of the animals that were there because the zoo is really big and we just didn't have enough time. But we did get to watch the zoo workers feed the sea lions. It was amazing to see that the sea lions really remember what they are taught and what they will do for their food. It's also cool to know that they obey their trainers. When we went to the baboons exhibit, they were all just sitting there doing nothing. Then, they all started to run around and scream. It was so awesome! They came right up to the glass and I thought one of them was going to run smack into it! Then we headed back to the car so we could go home and watch the girls' dad and uncle play basketball.
Thursday was Central Park Zoo day. Central Park Zoo isn't as big as the Bronx Zoo but we didn't see everything because it was cold and we also had another plan for the day. Anyway, when we were in the zoo we went to the 4-D Theater for a preview of what it's like. Let's just say, I will pay the money to see a full movie in 4-D. It was so cool! It's like you are actually in the movie. Some movies, I will most likely die of fright because of how the seats have a beat and water can spray on you. You have to experience it to believe it! After that we went to see the red pandas. Sadly though they weren't being playful...they were just napping so we then went to Macy's to get the girls Easter dresses. Then went home and relaxed.
Friday the girls spent the day with their mom. So I took a relaxing/lazy day. I did go swimming and while I was there there were some teenage boys having competitions and I was just practicing my handstands. After coming up for air, I saw the lifeguard pointing at me and saying that I won. I apparently won a handstand contest without really being a part of it. That was cool.
Saturday the girls and I decided to go to the Bronx Zoo again and look at animals we didn't see last time. We also brought a couple of Shi's friends. They had a blast! And we saw giraffes, rhinos,  a lioness and her cubs, peacocks, hyenas, and tigers. The girls had fun and were really good and remembering the rules we made to stay safe and together.
This week was a really successful week and so much fun! I can't wait until next weekend when we go to DC! So excited! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


So last night my boss bought a car for us. Yay!!! Finally we get to drive! So today, we took the girls back to Tuckahoe and guess who drove? That's right! Me! Crazy! Plus it's rainy. So, new New York driver, rainy, and it's getting dark. But at least I had my boss there to help me know where to go! It was quite the adventure (it helped that we had 'Frozen' playing). It wasn't as bad as I was thinking it was going to be which was nice. But, tomorrow I'll be by myself... Scary! Exciting! Fingers crossed that I won't get lost! Good thing is though that if I get lost that I can just pull over where it is safe and okay to pull over, get my phone out and then Google map it. Perfect! 
Getting home wasn't too bad either. I don't have to worry about how many exits I have to get off because once I get on the highway, there is only one exit I have to worry about. Granted I don't have to drive tomorrow. I could just wait and then do some practice drives later, but I feel that if I want to get to know it better then I really should go and get the practice tomorrow. I'm actually not worried that I'll get lost simply because I now have driven it myself and that always makes it easier for me. Plus it'll be daytime (hopefully not rainy). I'm not a fan of driving at night but if I have to then I will (obviously).
So I thought that this was going to be a longer post...guess not. OH!!! I almost forgot! Today on the bus home from church, I saw a guy and at first glance he looked like Tommy Lee Jones! Sadly it wasn't but that would have been so stinken awesome if it was. Oh well. One of these days I'll run into someone famous that I know... I mean, I do live in New York City. I just need to be in the right place at the right time.
Well, thanks for reading! Sorry it was short. I really did think that it was going to be longer. But I guess short and sweet is good as well. =)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Is Here!!!

So happy!!! Today it was cloudy and kinda windy, BUT it was about 50* all day!!! YAY!!! So what do I do? I wear shorts! It was so great! I decided to wear my never-been-worn-bought-before-move-to-NY bright red shorts and the funny part? I was the only one who wore shorts of any kind. People were still wearing pants and boots and coats and there I am walking around like it's 80*. I couldn't have been happier. Pretty sure I got some funny looks though but I didn't care. #hatersgonnahate.
I love spring. Mostly, I love when it is warm and sunny outside. I love when everything starts to bloom. Everyone seems to be in a better mood. Don't get me wrong, winter is good. I like winter activities unless I already feel like an icicle. But bring on the warm! I love wearing shorts and skirts and dresses and I can't really do that in the winter because it's just to cold and I like to be warm.
I'm just going to keep this short and sweet, just want to say Happy First Day of Spring! Hope that you had a good day and that it is starting to get warm wherever you are (unless you live somewhere where it never gets below 50* then it is already warm, or should be).
Thanks for reading! I'll get some pictures and post them so you can see the beauty that I get to everyday! =) At least, I'll try to remember to take pictures...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

China Town!

Today I made three new friends. They are also nannies here in NY. Sophie and I were the first ones to arrive at Grand Central and waited for Mia and Claudia to arrive. After the two girls showed up we went and walked a little around Time Square. There were some crazy people out today... Anyway, after Time Square we decided to go eat lunch and found this Japanese place. It wasn't too bad to tell you the truth. Then we went to a cute little bakery for a cookie, took it to Central Park (hoping to run into a celebrity or more) to eat. It was such a nice and beautiful day today. So sunny and bright. The wind was the only downfall.
Sophie wound up having to leave due to prior commitment and so Mia, Claudia and myself went to China Town! How exciting!!! Mia was really good at bargaining and she also knew who would be good to go to to buy from. I was glad she was there. I didn't buy anything but I definitely learned how to get the people to give you what you want for the price you want.
When we were done wondering around China Town and seeing what it was like, we decided to go to Little Italy to eat dinner. Mia knows the owner of one of the restaurants and so we went there. It was pretty good and a really cute place! I wish I saw what the name of it was but I didn't look. Little Italy is one of the cutest places to walk around and eat at a romantic place.
Now, the strange people we encountered today... Well, as we were walking to China Town, there were a couple of guys in this garbage truck type of vehicle honking and Mia and I looked over and they were staring at us! I was afraid that the wind had caught my dress and I didn't notice but luckily it wasn't the case because I was watching and holding my dress just so I wouldn't have a 'Marilyn Monroe' moment. In Time Square, Mia and Claudia had guys saying things to them that were just weird. Mia was wearing a red rain coat and one told her that she looked like a sexy pack of ketchup...? Okay... Later someone promoting a comedy show followed us trying to get us to go and it was just creepy. And last but not least, one guy told us that we looked bored and that we should go to the comedy show. We told him not tonight and he was just like 'you look tired and bored, I can help fix that, I get off at 12!'. How disgusting is that? Wow. I'm glad that I will most likely never see these people again.
I will say that I have gotten better at ignoring people on the street who try to sell me stuff. I just hate when they get in my face because then it's a little harder to just walk around or get away. Worse, they don't like the answer 'no', 'not today', etc. Sometimes I really want to take advantage of my sign language knowledge but at the same time I'm afraid someone might know it... Oh well.
Thanks for reading! Sorry it took me so long to post something. I guess nothing to exciting has happened since my last post. I was kinda hoping that this post would have been more exciting. Oh! I just remembered one very funny part of today! You know how in the movies when someone is standing by the curb and there is a puddle and they get splashed by  a car driving by? Well, on our way to lunch, the four of us were standing by the curb and there was this huge puddle. Just jokingly I mentioned how funny it would be if that thing were to happen to us and just as we were walking away, a car drives not in the middle or the edge of the puddle but in between those places of the puddle! How funny! Sophie got most of the splash, I got only a little. We all were laughing so hard. Great moment that we will remember for a long time (we hope).

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bucket List Items

Last weekend I decided to go to Times Square. Let's just say that going down there during Super Bowl weekend was not exactly one of the smartest things to do, but it was still pretty amazing! I just walked around just to see what was there. People. Lots of people were there. I guess that shouldn't be a shock...but I feel like there was less room to walk. I don't know, that was the first time I had ever been there. So check going to Times Square off my list.
Yesterday I decided to go down to Macy's. Yes, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Macy's. The Macy's. (Not the grocery store for those of you in Cache Valley, Utah). It. Was. Amazing. I could spend all day in that store. I went to mostly look around and to let myself find my way there so that I knew where it was. I decided not to buy anything unless it was a really great price. Another reason why I decided not to buy anything was because I knew that if I had gone to get something specific, I would have gotten frustrated because either I wouldn't have been able to find the right thing (or anything I was looking for) or I wouldn't have wanted to spend that much money. Next time I go though, I will get something because it's Macy's and it is a beautiful, wonderful store. Go to Macy's in New York: Check!
Today I had the intention of going to Central Park and ice skate. I went to Central Park and was walking around looking for this ice rink that I looked up and figured I would be able to find it. As I was walking and looking around, I decided that if I din't find the ice rink, that it would be okay because I got to see the beautiful park and the scenery. It was amazing! During this walk, my fingers started to get cold and I realized that I forgot to take my gloves. Of course, today was warmer than it has been all week and I haven't been wearing gloves but I also didn't have my hands in pockets today... Well, next time I go to Central Park to go ice skating or walking, I will remember to wear my gloves or keep them in my pockets. I didn't go ice skating because I figured that I wouldn't have been able to tie my skates on or my shoes afterward. Go to Central Park: Check! Ice Skate in Central Park: No Check... that's okay though. Next time.
Anyway, during my first two adventures told above, I was stopped by a couple of male beauticians asking where I got my hair done. I told them that my sister did it. So they would ask where my sister was at and I told them Utah. So they told me about these discount they were doing but in my mind I'm thinking, I know that these are great discounts and everything, but I am really obsessive about my hair and particular to who does it. Yes I love when people play with it and run their fingers through it but cutting it...I kinda only trust my sister to do it... And yes I know that I need to think about the possibility of someone else do it since I'm in New York and she's in Utah, but that's going to be hard for me because my sister knows how I like my hair and what I want. I know that if I tell a stylist how I want it they would do it...but I'm not exactly ready to go looking right now...Although, there was the guy from yesterday who almost got me to go to their salon just because he seemed so sincere  and I wasn't having and freaky feelings about him. He was giving me the best compliments. I knew that he was doing it mostly to try and get me to buy the coupon or whatever it was that he was selling for the salon he worked at. He called me cute, adorable, darling, I don't remember what else but it was really boosting my self confidence and was making my day. 
Now I am sitting here writing this while watching the Olympics and thinking that yes, you may be super great at your sport and you may have this beautiful jump, but if you don't land it and land it strong, it wasn't as beautiful as it should have been. And thinking on that, you may be drop dead gorgeous on the outside, but if what comes out of your mouth isn't so great, you lose that beauty that you are. So be careful what you say and do. Be strong in who you are but not so that people are scared of you, but that people want to come up to you. Don't be beautiful just on the outside, but on the inside as well.
Thanks for reading!